5 questions to ask an SEO company before you hire their services

When you set out to look for the right SEO company in Austin, you need to wear the shoes of a diplomat. Most of the companies get carried away by the marketing policies of the companies. However, you must make sure that the services they provide really come beneficial for you. Before you sign a contract, you must ask certain questions to the Austin SEO expert. Here, we suggest five crucial questions that you must ask the service providers. If you get confident answers from the experts, you may proceed with the deal.

Do you follow the best practices favoured by Google?

The algorithms on Google keep a check on the websites, penalizing the ones that do not adhere to the best Google practices. Algorithms like Panda and penguin watch out for manipulative websites. These are applicable both for on-site and off-site pages. The experts should adhere to the guidelines prescribed by Google.

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Are you updated with the changes in the algorithms?

On an average, Google makes around 500 updates for its algorithms every year. This makes it necessary for the SEO companies to stay updated with the changes. The company you bank on should be aware of the changes made in the Google algorithms each year. They should develop the SEO strategy accordingly.

How do you deal with penalized websites?

A reputed SEO Company Austin should have enough dexterity to deal with all types of websites. In order to check out the adroitness of the experts, you might ask them about their approach towards penalized sites. Ask them if they have successfully fixed any such site. You may have a look at their performance to assess the abilities of the SEO company.

How often will you provide us with the reports?

Most of the SEO companies keep their clients updated with the reports on a weekly or monthly basis. You should ask about the frequency of report generation. This will help you to assess the performance of the website easily.

What will happen if we terminate the contract with you?

This is one the most situations you should be aware of. You should know that optimizing a website takes time and you cannot expect the results instantly. In case you are not happy with the results for a long time, you may have to terminate the contract. Ask the company if any fees are to be paid during the termination.

You may also ask the company about the payment structure and other details that you find relevant. If you find satisfactory answers to these questions, you may sign the contract.

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