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Email hosting is the need of all types of businesses that run their business online. SmartMail Email Hosting is a great hosting service that helps in giving a boost to your business and emails. This helps the online businesses to send and receive tons of emails every day. To make the online business successful there is a need to get control over your email hosting by customizing Email Hosting Sever, mobile accessibility of emails , mailbox, web hosting and servers so that automated mails can be sent or received. With this type of customization, online businesses will see a great improvement in efficiency of the businesses.

SmartMail enables the users to easily access the webmail from any part of the world at any time. It is fully compatible with all the devices so the users will not face any kind of problem in accessing the webmail on any kind of device. With the help of SmartMail, multimedia files, contact list and calendar can also be shared and users can get access to their Google drive account so that you can access the videos and documents. With the help of time limit link, you can share your files and documents.

SmartMail is highly secured as it is available with inbuilt anti-virus. Thus, it helps in protecting your online businesses from the virus attack and unauthorized protection. While maintaining the anti spam system, DKIM SPF, SSL/TLS encryption systems are also handled by SmartMail. These types of security features of SmartMail protect the data and mails from loss. SmartMail also offers the interactive user interface for the webmail. Thus, it is very easy for the users to send and receive mails. You can get IMAP,POP, CardDAV and CalDAV in case, you are not comfortable with webmail. With the help of custom rules for handling your mails, you will be able to keep an eye on your sent and received emails.

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