AvaLAN Wireless: Perfect Solution With AW584EMVAP Integration

Well, it is a known fact that AvaLAN Wireless came up with complaint certificate for its in-dispenser subscriber unit right from MET Laboratories. It is the latest example of modern technology at its best. The main aim of this invention is to provide reliable form of wireless network connection to the related fuel dispensers. Along with this networking value, the same unit has an in-built secure managed switch, which helps in connecting with the added fuel center features like merchant service gateway, POS systems and more. Now, it is the AW584EMVAP solution, which utilizes wired and some wireless networking communications. So, to know more, it is time to learn about this solution a bit more.

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More on AW584EMVAP:

In generic term, AW584EMVAP is the secure form of wireless forecourt accessing point. It is the main key to offer safe version of wireless network connection to some or all fuel dispensers. Along with that, the wireless local area network comes handy with secure managed switch, which has been well integrated into this system. This segment comes with some high-end features like high bandwidth for covering media support, VLAN for the secure PCI Compliance and easy version of plug and play service. This is the finest example of EMV upgrades to cover up for you.

Secured version of forecourt access:

This AW584EMVAP further uses wireless and wired version of networking communications with EMV solutions for the noted fuel centers. This EMV solution helps in eliminating the current need to rewire and excavate the forecourt using existing wiring. You don’t have to rely on the questionable work, as well. Here, the current transmission helps in utilizing a proprietary based protocol alongside encryption technology and segmented version of network. This helps in providing a secure connection, right from the first till last. Get to use this model first to gain more information.

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