Best flv players for Mac

Most of the people are always searching to find the best flv players for Mac. But they do get confused as there are lots of flv players available on the internet. So here is the list of flv players that you can use with you Mac.

Elmedia Player: Elmedia player is one of the top FLV players for Mac and it is also available for free. It allows you with to play flv files very smoothly on your Mac. The additional features of this player are that it also allows you to watch video online on your app as well as adjust the audio and video setting of the video. You can also capture screenshot of the video with the help of this flv player.

Adobe flash players: Adobe flash player also supports many types of media formats such as F4V, FLV, SWF and much more. This player brings some additional feature with itself such as Webcam support and video streaming. This player provides you with rich viewing experience but you need to update the player on a regular basis.

VLC media player: VLC is also another player that is very much popular among the Mac users. VLC supports lots of video formats such as FLV, AVI, HEVC, ASF, 3GP, OGG, MXF, RM, Raw DV, Quick time video, VOB and many other formats. Those users which are experiencing some problem with their playback should update their player to the latest version.

Aurora Blu-ray player: Aurora Blu-ray players support many popular video formats including FLV. This player provides a unique benefit which is that it can play Blu-ray disc or ISO movies directly on your Mac. You can also create playlist of your favorite music videos and movies. The player also offers many playback controls features that you can use to manage your video playback.

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