Grapevine evaluation tool for business

Web based tools are currently in trend due to the extensive use of internet worldwide. People prefer them for getting up to date information regarding everything whether it is related to study or business. Every industry needs a reliable tool to evaluate the efficiency of an employee. For this, it is essential that the tool must be well tested as a prototype. The 360 feedback evaluation tool available at grape wine is the best way to make it possible.

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How it works

As illustrating from its name, it is a 360 degree tool for evaluation which is capable of providing the performance data of every individual employee in accurate manner. Various factors that involves while evaluation are as follows:-

  1. Employee performance
  2. Employee assessment
  3. Employee review

This entire process works under an online system of surveying.


For both small as well as big business enterprises, this 360 feedback online tool is a very convenient tool. It is capable of evaluating thousands of employees as per the requirement of business. This evaluation helps in measuring the performance, improvement occurrence and build employee engagement. For more details, you can also watch a 90 seconds short video to clear all the doubts.


Some unique advantages that you can get through this tool are:-

  1. It is completely cloud based and which doesn’t require any kind of software to install in the physical memory of computer system.
  2. One can completely customize it according to the requirement of profession. There is no need to seek help from a developer for modification.

You can estimate the reliability of this tool from this fact that the reputed companies like kasper sky, Pandora and US air force are using this tool for the better management of their employees.  

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