PG vs VG: The Full Guide

Two e-juices are hugely trending, PG and VG, and are used to improve the vaping experience. They are odourless liquids and are combined with flavour and nicotine which in turn forms an e-juice. Vapour is produced when it is heated, the same is inhaled. But both the fluids have a different consistency and there is a small difference in taste. It gives a different sensation to your mouth and throat when vaped.

PG is a petroleum product and it stands for Propylene Glycol. There is no colour or odour and its viscosity is less compared to VG.  It provides a throat hit and it has a similar sensation like smoking tobacco. It is said that PG is safe to ingest orally, but some users find a huge level of PG irritating to the throat, and there are rare chances of allergy. The most common side effect after using PG are dry mouth, sore throat, and rise in thirst level.

Vegetable glycerin is a natural chemical and is obtained from vegetable oil. It is a commonly preferred e-liquid to get a vapour sensation. The taste is sweet and it is considerably thicker than Propylene Glycol. The hit from VG is smooth and is suitable for sub-ohm vaping. VG is generally recognized as safe and is considered to be the best. It has a low level of toxicity when consumed and the chances and risk of beginning allergic to VG are very low. It is suitable for sensitive people who consume vaping e-juice containing PG.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are almost similar but have unique individual properties. Few people prefer vegetable glycerin since it’s a natural product whereas propylene glycol is a synthetic chemical. Few people go for PG since it has a has a tendency to cause allergies and some smokers are sensitive to this property.

PG and VG are both recognized by the Federal Drug Administration and they are also an ingredient in major food and cosmetic products like topical formulations, makeup, shampoo, baby wipes, baked goods, soaps aftershave, deodorant, Toothpaste etc.

Both PG and VG work in different ways and have individual merits and demerits. Fruits and drink flavours are suitable with PG since the PG is sharp and it will give a tart or fizz flavouring. VG goes well with flavours based on cream, custard and yogurt and the thick mouth sensation adds to the dessert kind of feel. Many smokers prefer their ideal e-liquid to be a mixture of PG and VG. Usually, 50-50 mix since VG provides thicker vapor and PG is fast and provides accurate flavour reproduction. Many vendors combine PG and VG to offer an e-liquid, but there is a mix of 80 percent PG and 20 percent VG to get a proper blend.

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