What is cloud hosting and what does it offer?

The cloud services provide hosting web pages on virtual servers based on a large network of physical servers. In free translation, the client does not buy the actual “space on the server, but is used for a service, as a percentage according to the needs of the site.

The difference with the classic hosting systems is that web pages are hosted on multiple servers. On the classic hosting all sites are hosted on a single server (shared or dedicated), the network of servers in the cloud infrastructure hosting all contribute to every page. Often, different pages of the same website are hosted across the Data Centre. Thus hosting cloud became an extension of what users in the industry have called server cluster.

What cloud hosting offers?

We enumerate some of the best benefits from cloud hosting, follow our features:

Accuracy: instead of being hosted on a single instance of a physical server your site is hosted on a virtual partition from an extensive network of physical servers, which has the ability to ask and use resources on demand. If a server becomes unavailable or is lost in the cloud, the level of resources available is diluted, but it will have no effect on the availability of the site. This is because the virtual server that is allocated will continue to seek and make use of the resources of the remaining servers. Some cloud platforms can continue to operate even if the Data Centre becomes unavailable.

Security: physical servers that underlie a cloud are still housed in a Data Centre and thus benefit from the safeguards of these types of facilities, in order to prevent any hacking attack

Flexibility: resources are available in real-time on demand and without being limited to the capacity of a single server. If a customer site requires additional resources from its hosting platform, those resources are allocated to instant and without causing delay. Even if you use a private cloud model, the service can be configured so that if in the case of a high consumption of resources you can still use public cloud resources.

Cost: customer shall pay only for the resources they use.  Resources are available at any time if is necessary.

Rapid Equilibration: it is done through a process and, as a result, consumption can be adapted to any unforeseen situation

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